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Barbie Meets The Brothas

Barbi is a 100% AMATEUR slut wife, she could be your sexy next-door neighbor, the sexy woman wearing a very short skirt at the mall, or the woman flaunting what she got at the gym! In other words the babe you always wanted to BANG. She loves to perform in front her husband. In this fuck fest she takes on 3 Black men in her first interracial gang-bang. Her husband sets up an anniversary surprise at a local hotel where one stud after another comes in and fucks his wife while he obliges and watches.
68 Minutes ($28.95)

Kat In Heat

Kat Noir Meets Big Max at the shopping center, and he quickly convinces the promiscuous Kat to give him a ride to the park. Little does she know he has been eyeing her for a while. The always horny Kat who has never seen a black dick she won't fuck gave him a quickie in the park -a small preview of what's to cum. Back at his place Max takes advantage of Kat and fucks this slut every way possible and rewards her with a nice load on her pretty lips.
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Deep In Porsha II

Porscha is back and badder than ever in Deep in Porscha (Porscha Rides again) This Southern bell is Back in NYC and taking on a whole new set of Black Dicks. She fucks sucks and take em all. No hole is barred, that's right- that tight ass is opened up to accommodate all 5 big black dicks that fuck her, they leave that ass gaping. Porscha has got to be one of sluttiest girls I know. She simply won't say no, she just loves to fuck, we even got her to do a double penetration and 3 cream pie to boot.
108 Minutes

Deep In Kat II

Kat is back at it again she is back for more in deep in Kat 2. She take on 2 studs in this one. Two 10 inchers at that. She starts off with Big Max's MASSIVE tool sucking him before he goes to work, then takes on LeBron's equally equipped member. She fucks these black men like a wanton whore all night. I cant count the amount of time this slut cums.
76 minutes ($28.95)

A Bet Is A Bet

See what happens when a soon to be married man makes a foolish bet with his fiancee, and loses. Her soon to be husband is devastated to find out his bride to be is going to go through her plans to fuck a black man, after she won the bet. He pleads with her not to, but she has already seen Brutus Black in action and wont be denied her first taste of black dick.

Plus 2 bonus scenes- first one Brutus Black makes Christina Noir squirt with his massive fingers and is rewarded with a double blow-job from Christina and Raven. Second bonus is a steamy hot shower scene with Brutus Black and Asian Slut Momo where he cleans her then he get her dirty again by dumping his load on her face.
86 Minutes

Deep In Porsha

Sexy slutty Porscha is a Nympho. This MILF can't get enough Black dick since her divorce. This girl is for real she is not interested in acting just fucking especially black dick, Just say where n she will open her legs. And she loves it in the ASS. She and Brutus Black hit it off Right away. When Brutus started to fuck her in the ass, she started to scream and cum so hard. I had to pause the camera for a min. cause I thought the neighbors would be Bangin at my door. This southern blonde was denied black dick where she grew up, so she is makin up for lost time.
75 Minutes

Deep In Trinity

We got a treat here, Trinity Post Visits NYC and gets a triple dose of Black dick as only the east coast crew can offer. First Brutus Black tears up that petite white ass. The next day Big Max and Black Mcnasty take turn filling her 2 pretty pink lips. This girl has an ass to die for, nice round bubble that can take a pounding and still spring back, Folks this slut loves to fuck. This young slut experienced a first here. Her first squirting experience on video.
100 Minutes

Deep In Kat

Amateur web porn star Kat Noir takes on 3 Big Black Cocks in a pounding she wont soon forget. This tiny sexpot can take some Dick. Watch her lil pussy get stretched and banged as she screams and cums over and over... ($24.95)

A taste of Chocolate

Young 19 year old Strokahontis out on summer break from school and needed some extra cash for the summer. Since she had a thing for my buddy "dirty Mike" I suggested she could make some extra loot if she let me video tape her fucking my boy... Ahh to be young without a care, she jumped at the chance after I showed her the cash. She went on to suck him in the backyard then the kitchen finally she gets the hell fucked out her in the bedroom.
47 Minutes

Slutty Swingers Volume II

Hard pounding wet sloppy slutty swinging action in the second volume. If you enjoyed
volume one, it only gets better in Volume 2. Some of the same playas from volume one return to give you more hard-core interracial
fucking. This time it’s wetter harder n longer.

Slutty Swingers Volume I

Swinging sluts crave back dick too. 100% interracial action. See Becky (formally known as Bianca) all out in some super cunt gushing squirting action. She and Dee Delmar take on 2 big black cocks at once. they fuck em till they unload the creamy load on their slutty MILF faces ($24.95)

Slutty Swingers Volume III

Holly stars in this hard pounding flick. Hard-core interracial action blonde petite house wife Holly can’t get enough black dick. Hour n half of pure interracial lust. Holly gets pounded by Chocolate Dee, then later Brutus black gives her his seed in a sticky cream pie+ A hot 3-way girl girl girl bonus scene with Lana, Brianna & Holly ($24.95)

Deep in Jazmine

Jazmine Cashmere and Freaky get it on in this flick. They bump into each other on the street. Pretty soon Jazmine has freaky repaying her a debt he owed. This is a HOT nasty flick folks. Freaky has slutty Jazmine sucking his dick and taking it in the ASS then incredibly she sucks his dick after it comes STRAIGHT FROM ASS TO MOUTH. Then he comes in her ass for an anal cream pie that Jazimine oozes out of her ass and soon gobbles up from his dick. No hold barred in this one. This is amateur at it finest folks!
There is a special BONUS SCENE after the movie. We take a look at the life of a porn star. A rare look behind the scenes in the life of a porn star. In this cockcomentary Jasmine Cashmere along with Lil freak talk in a free wheeling unscripted conversation about the highs and lows of doing porn. If you think you know porn think again